Wizco Construction was established in 1984 as a sole proprietorship by Jim Wiznerowicz. Jim had worked the previous five years or so for an excavator, a general contractor and a mason contractor in Northern Wisconsin. Wizco Construction at that time did mostly concrete work and block foundation work, but also some small remodeling and carpentry work. Almost all work was on single family residences.

Even though Jim was only in his early 20’s, he had established himself as a hard worker with attention to detail and had a reputation for “over building.” He worked the company by himself, even though he was married to his wife Luanne in 1983. He would hire part time help as needed.

Then in late 1986, he was offered an opportunity to work in DuPage County, Illinois working on new construction homes both large and small. He and Luanne moved there and Jim went to work for some contractors, mostly as a foreman but still kept Wizco alive. In 1989 he decided to move back to Wisconsin, this time to the Milwaukee area to work for a contractor as a foreman on new construction homes. In 1990, Jim decided to go back to working for himself as Wizco Construction and with a partner from his previous employer. He as Wizco Construction worked on new construction homes for a few builders and earned a very good reputation for top quality work. His brother, who worked with Jim in Illinois, came to work as a partner in 1991. They did hire on a few people, including Jim’s first partner, but in 1994 decided to let everyone go and just do the work themselves. In September of 1995 they formed the company into Wizco Construction LLC. They continued to work on new homes as well as some remodeling. They had a stellar reputation for doing very high quality and accurate work. By the time Jim’s bother left the company in 2005, most of the work was home remodeling of all types and sizes. Jim continued the company as an LLC and worked by himself on projects large and small, continuing earning a very good reputation. All of Wizco’s work was by word of mouth. When the economy took a dive in 2008-2010, the business almost went under. Jim, because of his reputation, managed to get through it though. In 2012, Jim & Luanne decided to try some other type of businesses out of their home. Luanne had resigned from her management job and Jim decided that he wanted to do something different. He kept Wizco active though and still did a few small jobs’ here and there. He finally figured out that the Lord had given him these great gifts and skill and that was really the most satisfying thing he could do was construction and operating Wizco Construction LLC. In 2014, he and Luanne started working for a company out of Washington State as an independent contractor installing aluminum wheelchair ramps and vertical platform lifts for the VA. They carried that attention to detail to that, making sure that the ramps were at the ADA standards and the feet were on concrete pavers (at their own expense). They eventually were traveling to five different states in the Midwest. This was very rewarding work and they felt our Veterans deserved their best to the glory of the Lord! This also gave them a very great appreciation of how people with disabilities or limited mobility struggle with the smallest of steps, let alone multiple steps at a time. We, who don’t have that problem, take those steps for granted. It can be a nightmare for these people. It made Jim & Luanne appreciate good health. Jim did still do some small jobs’ also. In early 2017 the VA work came to an end because the company they did the work for did not win the central region contract. They still do some repair work occasionally. Jim then did more construction work throughout the rest of the year. Then in January of 2018, Wizco Construction LLC, now with Luanne working with Jim again, did shower and tub remodeling with acrylic products as independent contractors again in the Milwaukee area. They became the number one crew within 3 weeks for the quality of the work they did with no call backs, even over a crew that had been doing this type of work for over 30 years! Then in April of 2018, they started the elevator business as independent contractors for a company out of Colorado that does business nationwide. This actually resulted from answering a Craigslist ad just before Christmas of 2017. The elevator had to wait for State of Wisconsin approval. They spent 5.5 weeks away from home on the first 3 jobs in Northwest Wisconsin. Again, in a short period of time, they had become one of the top contractors for quality and attention to detail out of all the contractors this company has across the country. Then, Jim passed his contractors test in Minnesota in the fall of 2018 and they did work there as the company had no one to do the construction work and Jim & Luanne love to provide these elevators to people in need. In late February of 2019, the elevator company decided to pull out of Wisconsin & Minnesota. But, because of the reputation of Wizco Construction LLC (Jim & Luanne) the company agreed to let Wizco take their place as general contractors and continue to provide the elevators to those in need.

We have seen how these elevators have changed the lives of each person who has needed them. It also has changed the lives of the spouse or a family or friend since they didn’t have to worry about their loved one falling down the stairs anymore with one misstep. Wizco Construction LLC (Jim & Luanne) is/are 100% committed to providing this alternative to a stair lift, moving, assisted living, apartment living, or other options besides staying in the home that so many want to stay in. We know how limited mobility can create real fear in someone when they have to walk up or down steps, especially in their own homes. It’s great to be able to use the skills the Lord has given us to help make peoples’ lives safer and be able to stay in the home they love. Wizco Construction LLC (Jim & Luanne) take great pride in their work and strive to make the elevator a part of the home décor, not something that just got stuck in there! We hope you’ll let us help change your life or the lives of someone you love!