After using the elevator for over a year, I can give you a very honest report on it.

Basically, we love it and it has been one of the best home investments we have made at this time in our lives.

Dave uses it totally for accessing our lower level. I still use the stairs but it has been a godsend for moving laundry to be washed, carrying heavy salt bags to the softener, moving wet items out of the basement when we had a water pipe break in the kitchen sink plumbing, and the list goes on.


How can we thank you for your incredible attention to detail!? You are the consummate professional, and we are blessed to have had you as our contractor.


Dear Jim & Luanne,
THANK YOU!! For your excellent advance work in preparing for the new elevator. If the elevator had a voice, I think it would be red-faced – embarrassed – if its operation could be compared to your efforts.
Over and above, beyond the call, super-able and friendly. There really aren’t the superlatives to capture our gratitude!
It’s wonderful to be reminded that there is still quality out there!!


It was definitely a blessing for us to get to know you and Jim. You’re both very classy people, of high integrity and that goes a long ways with us. As I frequently say, “I don’t believe in coincidences.” This wonderful project is filled with no coincidences. Praise God!!!!!!

Here’s wishing the very best to you both as you continue to bring this awesome product, in conjunction with your world-class talents and services, to others who will most assuredly benefit from it in their respective residences.