Date –  Mar 7, 2019

This job was located about 80 miles north of Milwaukee. This was a Parade home and was built in the early 1990’s. This couple has lived here for about 25 years and he has a degenerative muscle disease which prohibits him from using the stairs at all. It has a finished basement that is his favorite room and they did not want to sell their home they love, so the elevator was a perfect option. As you’ll see again, we take great care of your home by putting down the waterproof floor protection and tents at each work area. Wisconsin does not require engineering for conventional framing. This basement has a dropped ceiling. Also, a lot of wiring had to be moved by a licensed electrician. The hole framing required the additional joists to be brought down through the upstairs floor as we did not want to damage their possessions in the basement. After removing a portion of the existing wall, because it was only drywall over 2×2’s, we had to frame a new wall to accommodate the needed framing for the elevator rails and provide an outlet for the battery charger. Also, all elevators require a hard wired phone which is standard and has to be provided at this point. We then moved upstairs to move an outlet and provide a junction box between the rails, after the wall for the rails was framed. After passing rough inspections, it was then drywalled, taped, sprayed on wall and ceiling finishes. Then the elevator mechanic installed the unit, although in Wisconsin, we are approved to install the unit without his direct supervision. Then the finish carpentry was completed and filled in the dropped ceiling as needed. Then everything was cleaned up, moved some furniture back and left the home as neat or neater then we found it with virtually no dust from construction. These owners, again, couldn’t be happier with the work and the fact he can finally and safely get down to his favorite room in the house!