Date –  Aug 02, 2018

This was an interesting project. The home is about 45 miles southwest of Milwaukee. It was built in 1908 and has been in the family since then. The couple that lives here are in their 90’s but are in great shape except he has trouble with stairs, especially going down. Since they live there alone, the children feared that he would fall and get seriously hurt and saw this as a means to keep that from happening. This is a 2 story home with a basement and the elevator goes up into his favorite room in the house, where he likes to spend most of his time, his office. We put down the waterproof flooring as usual to both work areas and just had to close the doors to each area to keep the dust out of the rest of the home. We covered his office furniture with poly. Since this is conventional framing, no structural engineering is required in Wisconsin. The walls were covered with batten on board so there was a lot more work to do here. Once we doubled the joist and framed the hole, we removed the wall boards and had to remove foam insulation over fiberglass batts to frame up the walls for the rails. The lower wall was out of plumb 5/8” at the top. The upper wall was 7/8” out of plumb at the bottom so we had to frame new studs plumb and add 2×10’s on top of those. We had to have a licensed electrician move a few outlets. We ran about 60 feet of phone wire to a terminal in the basement. We then moved upstairs and framed the wall the same way as the lower wall. After we passed the rough inspections, we then put the wood finishes on the ceiling and rail walls. We then installed the elevator. We are able to install this particular type of elevator in Wisconsin without direct supervision of the elevator mechanic from Minnesota (who is licensed in both states). We do have a Wisconsin Elevator helpers’ license to be able to do so. He is on site for the elevator inspection and to check our work on the elevator. Once the elevator was installed, we finished all of the finish carpentry work. We then cleaned up and left the house as clean as or cleaner than we found it. They were tickled to have this installed in their house, knowing he would not have to use the steps and worry about serious injury, being that they lived there alone. Their daughter was extremely grateful as she visits them regularly but worries about them while she’s away, especially when it came to the stairs. The blue and white plastic on the elevator was removed after inspection.