Date – Aug 16, 2018

Here is another home elevator project where they are putting this in before they really need it. This couple lives in a beautiful 5,000 square foot home north of Green Bay. He has a degenerative muscle disease and eventually won’t be able to go walk upstairs. The only location this could be installed was right inside the front door in the (2) story cathedral foyer. It goes up to a catwalk at the top of the curved stairway. They also built this home on property that has been in the family for decades. The house was built about 20 years ago. Since this is conventional framing in Wisconsin, no structural engineering was required. After putting down all the floor protection to the work areas, we started upstairs on this one because of the way it was framed. We put the tent up during construction. The curved stairway actually supported the part of the catwalk where the hole was being framed and he had installed a support column up into the ceiling when the home was built. The span was about 8 feet. Once we framed the hole, we then opened up the drywall to frame in for the rails. There was a cold air return that we had to account for and we were able to stack the vent covers in between the rails. An electrician was not needed on this project. Then the tent was put up downstairs and did the necessary work installing the framing for the rails and cutting the hole in ceiling. We only had to go into the next room and tap into the phone line there. We then passed rough inspection and installed the drywall. We did not have to do any taping other than one very small patch upstairs. We were able to install the elevator on this one as well and our elevator mechanic came for the inspection after we had finished all of the work. We completed the finish carpentry as needed including trim to cover drywall screws along the rails and around the bottom of the hole on the ceiling. We then cleaned up and left the home as good or better than we found it with virtually no dust from construction. They were very pleased with the work and the care we took of their home. As was said at the beginning, they are planning ahead and this meets their present and future needs nicely. One other note, she was apprehensive about putting this in their home, not knowing how it would look when it was done. She was totally at ease once we had finished and she saw how it blended right into their home and did not detract from it at all! We’ve had several with that concern and relief upon finishing. The blue and white plastic was removed from the elevator after inspection.