Date – Dec 08, 2018

This is another life changing project that was done about 60 miles southeast of Minneapolis. This was in a 2 story condo which was on a slab. This couple has lived there for 10 years and had considered moving, but again, liked where they were with no exterior yard maintenance and just didn’t want to move. She had to crawl up the stairs dragging her walker as she had balance along with major mobility issues. It hurt us to watch when we were there doing the site evaluation. Since this was Minnesota, structural engineering was required. This was on the common firewall between the condos’, so we had to make sure there were no code issues. These were built in the 70’s, so we just had to make sure to bring it up to existing rating which was 5/8” fire rated drywall. As you see, we again take great care protecting not only the work areas, but the floors from the entrance we use to each work area. This home elevator went from the finished lower level right into the living room next to the stairs. We had to span a little over 15’ and had to transfer loads to the foundation so we had to cut open walls to get the bearing framing in. Once the hole is framed, we then framed the wall as you’ve seen for the rails. We did not have to frame the wall out, although it was 1” out of plumb using a laser from the upstairs ceiling to the lower floor slab, approx. 17 feet total height. We compensate for that on each job we do so that the wall is perfectly plumb for the home elevator to be mounted to. We then moved upstairs and provided the rail framing. We had to route the phone line to the router. Once we passed rough inspection, we then installed the drywall and taped as needed. The elevator mechanic then installed the elevator. We returned, did the finish carpentry as needed, cleaned up and, again, left the house as nice as or nicer than we found it with virtually no dust from construction. These owners were extremely pleased with the work and now she has her independence again. They enter their condo from the attached heated garage on the lower level, so she just walks right in the elevator and gets off in the living room. She cried when she took that first ride, knowing she wouldn’t have to take the steps again!