Date – Dec 20, 2018

Here is another job in Minnesota, about 100 miles south of Minneapolis. These were dairy farmers who did not have any problems yet walking up their stairs from where they entered their home from the attached lower level garage. They were putting this home elevator in in anticipation of possible problems as they get older. The home was built in the early 1980’s and is a ranch with an exposed basement. The farm has been in the family for decades. Once again, structural engineering was required. Once again we put down the waterproof floor protection and the tent to seal off the work area. Upstairs we were able to just keep the door closed but had to put protection up the steps and down the hall since we entered through the lower level attached garage. We did completely cover the furniture in the upstairs office where the elevator came up into. Some electrical work was done by a licensed electrician since there was some wiring that needed to be moved and the outlet for the battery charger needed to be put in. The span here was about 13 feet from the foundation to the flush center beam which we then used the proper size hanger to hang the end of the double joist. We framed the hole as required. A portion of the paneling was removed and the ¾” furring strips and framed a 2×4 wall as needed for the elevator rails. About 90’ of phone wire was run to the router in the sun room upstairs for the elevator. We then moved upstairs and had to frame a new wall to line up with the wall downstairs. Again, always using a laser to get this perfectly plumb. After the rough inspections passed, we installed drywall, taped as needed and used a spray-on wall finish upstairs. The elevator mechanic then installed the elevator. We returned and did the finish carpentry as needed. We then, as usual, cleaned up and left the home as clean as or cleaner than we found it. They were very happy with how everything turned out and were even looking forward to using the elevator for getting groceries up to the main floor! The owners did not need this home elevator at this time, but they were planning for a time when they may need it and will be very glad they did put one in!