A. On average, the cost is between $35,000 to $40,000. That includes all permits, inspections, sub-contractors as needed, all remodeling pertaining to being able to install the elevator in your home, as well as material, the shaftless elevator, site prep and clean-up.

A. Manufacturer warrants the home elevator as follows: 2 years on batteries, 5 years on all other component parts and 180 days labor reimbursement from date of installation. Further warranty details accompany the owners manual. Also, Wizco Construction LLC will provide up to $1,000.00 total (cumulative) toward labor/service calls for 1 year after the 180 day labor reimbursement from manufacturer expires.

A. We currently install residential elevators in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois, but we will consider other states.

A. We are located about 45 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

A. Yes, we try not to interrupt your daily routine or your lives too much!

A. The door opening for the elevator is 25” clear. Most rollators, walkers and small power chairs should fit in the two larger models — EC450 & EC550.

A. Yes, by law all elevators must have a working phone in them.

A. Yes, it is a 24V DC system that only requires power for the battery charger. It works going in both directions for numerous trips. This is the only home elevator that is completely battery powered.

A. It will depend on the amount of use during the outage.

A. No, not with all the protection and tenting that we do. We strive to keep your home as clean and dust free as possible.

A. We do – Jim and Luanne Wiznerowicz (husband & wife team).

A. Total time in your home is approximately 10–12 days.

A. It can travel between two floors, up to 14’ total.

A. They are made in the USA! One of the few home elevators that are made here.

A. Just about any type of home, older, newer and everything in between.