This is the most revolutionary bathtub on the market. Period. No other tub can do what Elevate tubs can do for you. No more stepping into your tub. The seat height is ADA and you open the front panel (less than one pound of pressure) sit down and swing into the tub. It features air jets, Chroma therapy, heated backrest, battery backup, (4) onboard computers, surgical stainless steel construction, acrylic finish, self-cleaning/drying jets, and best of all, a drain that takes 10 to 15 seconds to drain so you’re not sitting in the tub for 2 to 10 minutes for it to drain like many of the walk in tubs on the market today!

The Elevate Tub requires only 27 – 42 gallons, so it does not need an upgrade to your water heating system in comparison to the walk in tubs that require 70 gallons or more of water and a water heating upgrade. It is a two piece unit so it’s easier to get into the room without removing door jambs, vanities or toilets. Installation typically takes 3-5 days.

It’s manufactured in Canada by Neptune with most of the parts, including electronics, made in the USA. The few parts not made in the USA are made in Canada. This is THE BEST tub on the market as far as quality of workmanship and attention to detail. With its surgical stainless steel frame and acrylic finish, it is 99.9% bacteria resistant.

The battery backup enables you to drain the tub in 10 to 15 seconds should the power go out while bathing. You won’t be stuck in this tub! And since no other tub can drain this fast, you won’t be left in the cold waiting for the tub to drain so you can get out. And, because you sit down to get in; it can accommodate those in a wheelchair or walker much easier and safer. The front door can be left half way down for caregivers to bathe loved ones, children or even pets.

There are so many benefits to this tub for many who are looking for a safer and easier way to bathe.

Check out the videos and download the PDF brochure. Then contact us using one of the methods on the Contact Us page. We are the exclusive distributors and installers of the Elevate tub in Wisconsin only. For other states and whom to contact, please go to the Elevate tub website: www.elevatetubs.com . We offer several financing options on our financing page.

Elevate Tubs

We made the above video to show the Elevate tub in action, with its features, quality construction, and ease of use. We used our portable demo model which was filmed in our driveway at our home. This is the unit we would bring to your home if you live in Wisconsin and are serious about purchasing an Elevate Tub. It is a fully functioning tub and that way you can see it in person.

View the Elevate Tub Drawing.

Elevate Bathtub Version 1

Bathtub Version 2 (Walker)

Bathtub Version 3 (Wheelchair)

Bathtub Version 4 (Caregiver)

Link to the PDF brochure.


Why this Elevate Tub vs. a walk-in-tub?

Quality, for one thing. You WILL NOT find a higher quality tub on the market. It will outlast ALL walk-in-tubs by decades because of its surgical stainless steel heavy duty frame and acrylic finish. This is practically a work of art! Also, you sit down and swing into the tub, not step in. So, it can accommodate those in wheelchairs, walkers, limited mobility and other physical problems much easier, and safer. No tub on the market, walk-in or other can drain in 10 – 15 seconds like the Elevate tub can. You will be out of the tub and dry, while everyone else in still sitting in theirs getting cold! The front opening panel allows for easier access to and from the tub and its F18 fighter seal will never leak. Check out the complaints about walk-ins, it’s usually the door leaking getting the most complaints. The self-cleaning jets using hot air for seven minutes, means no ugly biological surprises when you turn on your tub jets. The Elevate tub has 18 separate patents. It has battery back-up so you can still drain the tub and get out should you lose power. This is an heirloom, not just another tub you’ll have to replace in few years!

How much does it cost?

Since each home is different, we need to evaluate the location to see the extent of the project. We also need to see what permits are required, usually at the least a plumbing and electrical permit. Then we can give you a total price of the tub including installation.

How long does it take to install the Elevate tub?

Typically, installation takes between 3 and 5 days. We completely gut the wet area and dispose of your tub or shower and all debris. We fix any rot, straighten the walls out if needed, run a dedicated GFI electrical circuit for the tub itself and do the necessary plumbing for the waters and drain. We only use licensed plumbers and electricians from your local area to do that work as required by Wisconsin State code. We also check with your municipality for required permits prior to installation. Once the tub is in, we finish the walls with a solid surface panel designed for bathrooms. We take extreme care of your home throughout the entire process, using floor protection and keeping the door closed and an air purification unit during demo and construction. Since the Elevate tub comes in two pieces, we typically don’t have to remove the door or jamb, the vanity or the toilet. This is typically what happens just to get the walk-in-tubs in. We then clean everything up and go through the operation of the tub.

How long does it take before the tub will be installed once we purchase the tub?

It can depend on our schedule more than anything. We try to get it installed a soon as possible. It also depends on when you make the purchase.

How long has the Elevate Tub been around?

It’s brand new as of 2019. It took 5 years of painstaking development and testing. It was tested 24/7 for one full year and had NO problems. See if any other tub can make that claim!

What are the tubs dimensions?

The tub is 60” long, 32” wide, and 39-3/4” high overall. The seat is 19” high from bottom of the tub. It was tested with a 380 pound man over 6 feet tall and he fit in no problem with his legs bent at the knee somewhat. It can comfortably fit a normal size person. A larger unit is in the works, but isn’t available yet.

How much water does it take to fill the tub?

With the average size person sitting in the tub, it will require about 27 gallons. It holds 42 gallons with no one it.

Does it require an upgrade to my water heating system?

No. Unlike almost all of the walk-in-tubs, which typically require 70 or so gallons of water and an upgrade to the typical residential 40 or 50 gallon water heating system, the Elevate tub requires no expensive upgrade to your homes existing water heating system.

I’ve read many reviews about doors leaking on the walk-in-tubs over time and even shortly after installs; does the Elevate tub door ever leak?

Never. The seal is made of the same material used on the F18 Fighter jets to seal the canopy cockpit. Even after continuous testing 24/7 for a whole year, not one leak was recorded!

How fast will the Elevate tub drain?

This is one of the best features of the Elevate tub. Its patented drain can drain in about 10 seconds! There is no tub on the market today that can make that claim. Typical walk-in-tubs take 2 to up to 10 minutes to drain. Meaning, you’ll be out of your Elevate tub and enjoying another activity and your friends will still be waiting for their walk-in-tub to drain (and getting cold too)!

Where can I purchase the Elevate tub?

In Wisconsin, WIZCO CONSTRUCTION LLC (Jim & Luanne Wiznerowicz) are the exclusive distributor and installer of the Elevate tub. You cannot purchase this anywhere else if you live in Wisconsin, not even in another state and have it shipped to your home.

Can we purchase the tub and have someone else install it?

At this time, no. Since these are brand new, we maintain very high standards to assure the installation matches the quality of the tub and is done correctly and according to State of Wisconsin and local requirements and codes, we are the installers of the tub. We want to make sure your experience through the whole process is done to the highest standards possible.



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Check the Certificates.

Thanks for your interest and we look forward to serving your needs.