About Us


Jim was destined to be a contractor. He played for hours on end with Tonka toys and Nylint toys. Dozers, backhoes’, dump trucks, you name it plus Matchbox toys as well. He spent hours sitting and watching homes and other buildings being built in his South Milwaukee, WI neighborhood. He even cut studs and sheathing and rafters out of stiff paper and built little houses because that’s the way construction guys did it. By the late 1970’s, he worked for an excavator, a general contractor and mason contractor. Then in 1984 he started a one man contracting business in Northern Wisconsin, Wizco Construction LLC. He just didn’t want to work for someone. He did work for a couple contractors from 1986 to 1989 west of Chicago in DuPage County. He moved back to Wisconsin in 1989 with Luanne, whom he had married in 1983. He worked for someone briefly and then became partners with a friend and eventually his brother in 1991. In 2005 his brother left the company and Jim continued to work as a contractor. He has extensive experience in all phases of residential construction, both new construction and remodeling. He knows his talents come from the Lord. He gave him the opportunity to learn from some very good tradesman throughout his career. You never stop learning and refining what you know and do. Jim never believed in doing things the way everyone else was doing them, he wanted to do them much better. He’s been accused many times for “overbuilding” and that’s okay. He was bought up in a home where his Dad always’ told him to do your best, no matter what it was, and strive to be the best. He lives by that and will not compromise just to make a buck. Jim and Luanne continue to work side by side in Wizco Construction LLC and love it. It was actually his dream to work with Luanne in his business, now their business. He loves the fact she brings a much more personal face to what they do for people. He gets to focus on what he does best; she helps him as she can, and they get to make peoples’ lives so much better and safer, which is really the best part of what they do!

Luanne had worked in the health care and management field for most of her life but after 30 years, she knew it was time for a change…and what a change it has been working with Jim on every new work adventure! But honestly, together they share their passion for helping people improve their lives by sharing their God given talents and abilities. She knows that they begin work in people’s homes as contractors, but leave as friends. She has a love for the great outdoors, working in her garden and making quilts for family or maybe just buying more fabric for her fabric stash.