Home Site Evaluation

We will come to your home and determine the home elevator location based on your needs and the home’s layout, determine if subcontractors will be needed, sign contract.

Site Prep & Demolition

Waterproofed floor protection is put down in all work areas, from entry to each work area, tent all work areas where the work is to be done, remove drywall beginning on the lower level from wall and ceiling to access framing.


Move any obstacles in the way of hole framing (electrical, HVAC or plumbing), provide structural support per building codes for the hole in the floor, additional framing in walls for elevator rails to bolt to, perform required inspections, install phone line, drywall and tape including any wall or ceiling finishes, excluding painting or staining.

Home Elevator Installation

Home elevator is installed by a licensed elevator mechanic where required by state law. Installation typically takes two days. Provide finish carpentry as needed and site clean up, review home elevator operation with owner.



Freedom & Independence

To live in the home you love without fear of falling down your stairs. To access another level in your home, without help. To stay in your home, longer.

Safety & Peace of Mind

A safer and much easier to use option than a stair lift, just walk on and off your shaftless home elevator! Limited mobility can mean an accident waiting to happen while trying to walk up or down your stairs. An in-home elevator will allow you to avoid that possibility. No more not being able to use another level of your home. No more fear of your stairs. You can even carry groceries, laundry, a walker and small items on your elevator. Or bigger items that will fit with some help.

One-Stop Installation Process

Many other residential elevator companies just sell the elevator. You have to find licensed and qualified contractors to do the actual work. Or, they give you a list of names and you choose the contractor. Some may have their own sub-contractors to do the full installation. We do the complete install. From us, or a licensed elevator mechanic (where required) for the elevator installation itself, to all of the remodeling work involved in being able to install the elevator (except painting and staining). We adhere to all building and elevator codes in the states we work in. We make sure everything is done correctly and your elevator looks like it belongs in your home.

Lower Cost

Typically, the full installation price is substantially cheaper than a shafted elevator and takes up much less room. Many times, 50 percent or less in cost versus a shafted elevator. This particular elevator and related work is usually much cheaper than many of the other shaftless elevators on the market, when comparing full installation costs. That doesn’t mean you compromise quality. Our standards are extremely high as you’ll see in the completed projects and testimonials. We do not cut corners!

Elevate Tubs

In keeping with our commitment to helping people with limited mobility stay in the homes they love, we are proud to offer the sales and installation of a brand new luxury bathtub designed to make your bathing experience easier and safer. This is truly a revolutionary design and the first real update in bathing since the Roman Empire!

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